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We offer superior support to our clients within the building industry.


Adoornments Hardware will work with you at your project or work from your floor plans. If needed we will offer suggestions based on the application of the hardware. We're happy to contact the door manufacturer to obtain the specifications to confirm fit. If you prefer to provide these specs, general information necessary for door hardware is as follows:

  • Overall size and thickness of the door.
  • Profile information and Stile width
  • Pre-existing door prep - depth of the bore for latch length as well as type of prep for latch and strike plates and spacing between each bore.
  • Handing for the doors, determined from the exterior side of the door and indicating whether the hinges are on the Left or Right

General application of the door:

  • HINGED Exterior, Interior
  • SLIDING By-Pass, Pocket
  • DOUBLE doors with or without Astragal
  • SPECIALTY DOORS Butler (Pivoting), Dutch, Screened, Fire, Security, etc

Cabinetry hardware - please specify profile type and specs (or provide drawings) as well as cabinetry thickness


Adoornments Hardware is happy to provide specifications and samples for the hardware required for your project.


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Welcome  |  About Us  |  FAQ's  |  Builders/Architects/Designers  |  Contact Us